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This page shows you the easy and correct steps required to repair a Windows 2147467259 error. Check it out and finally get rid of this problem.

The Problem

When you try to open a form in Microsoft Access through the Automation feature and then SetFocus the custom menu bar for the form, this error message appears on the screen.


This is an error code in Microsoft Visual Basic which is caused when the menu bar cannot be viewed in the user interface when the Automation code is carried out. This causes the SetFocus to fail resulting in the error message.

You can try to correct the error by starting up Microsoft Access and then navigate to C:\ folder and then create a new database and name it Db1.mdb. Click on Macros under Objects in the Database window and then choose New. When the prompt opens choose Action and enter the AddMenu actions under the Action Arguments feature and then enter Menu Name: Message Menu Macro Name: Macro2 Status Bar Text: . Save the macro as Macro 1.

Next it is necessary to create an additional newmacro by choosing View and then clicking on Macro Names. Enter Message under Macro Name and then enter MsgBox under Action. Choose Action Arguments and enter Message: Hello Beep: Yes Type: None Title: . Save this process as Macro2.Return to the window for the database and choose Forms under the Objects feature. Choose New and then click on Design View and then choose OK. To display the property sheet choose View and then click on Properties. When the property sheet is displayed choose Other and then scroll down to MenuBar and set the property to Macro1. Save the property sheet as Form1 and close the window.

Go to Fileand click on Close and then choose New DatabaseC:\ folderand name the file Db2.mdb. In this file choose Modules, click on NW and add this code: Option Compare Database Option Explicit Dim objAccess As Access.Application Function AutomationTest ( ) Set objAccess = CreateObject (“Access.Application”) objAccess.Visible = True objAccess.OpenCurrentDatabase (“C:\Dbl.mdb”) objAccess.DoCmd.OpenForm "Form1" objAccess.CommandBars.ActiveMenuBar.Controls (1).SetFocus End Function.

Proceed to choose Compile Db2under Debug and choose Save Db2 on File menu. Save this module as Module1. Choose Run Sub/UserForm from the AutomationTest feature. Click on Microsoft Visual Basic after the second example of Microsoft Access to check for the error message.

TipFor more information, please see: How to fix Microsoft Visual Basic error #2147467259

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