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What happens?

The Windows error 202 code implies that there is a software compatibility issue on your computer. If you are trying to launch a recently installed program that is clashing with the Windows operating system, this is a very common error that you might see.

There is a solution when The operating system cannot run %1. ...

It is never cut and dry when it comes to fixing software compatibility issues with Windows. There are simply too many different programs and too many other variables to consider when these types of errors occur. There is no particular program that is reported to generate this message more than any others. One thing that most of the programs have in common is that they are built on the Java platform. This doesn’t help in narrowing down the cause, as thousands of programs are built on Java, yet your PC may only have this error when you are using one particular program. All is not lost though, there are some steps you can take to try and get this problem resolved.

Before you do anything else, restart your computer. This sounds like tired advice, but it really does clear up a lot of tough sounding problems. After you do a restart, try to use the application again. You may find that a reboot fixes the problem. However, if you have to reboot every time you use a program, you may start to grow weary of that solution.

If you consistently get the error message when using a piece of software, you should go to the software vendor’s website or call their support line. This may be an issue for which they have developed a fix or a patch. Let the vendor know what kind of computer you are running, and the actions you are taking when the error occurs. Many vendors see repeat problems like these and release updates or patches to get the problem resolved.

If you can’t find a resolution from the software vendor, try uninstalling the software, rebooting the computer and reinstalling the software. This does work many times to resolve persistent application error messages. It’s never easy to get application compatibility issues resolved, but a combination of the steps mentioned here should help you to resolve the Windows error code 202.

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