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What happens?

When you run the Inventory Agent program for Macintosh client computers (INVMac) for Microsoft Systems Management Server, you may see this error. It occurs when INVMac on the Macintosh client computer cannot find the server.

Don't despair if Error 5016 in file shicsetting.cp

To fix this problem, first make sure the information in the [AppleServers] area of SMS.INI on the Macintosh client is correct, and that the DOMAIN.INI file contains the right server information. If there is no SMS.INI file, but there is a DOMAIN.INI file resident in the Microsoft SMS system folder, then it is likely that the Macintosh client was installed prior to the server having updated DOMAIN.INI.

If the Macintosh client does not use Microsoft authentication, make sure that SMS_SHR Macintosh volume’s properties allows for Guest access, and then ensure that the SMS Server and the network is operational. Then, reset the Macintosh network connection in the Macintosh client’s Network Control Panel, and ensure that the SMS Logon Server is running Services for Macintosh.

TipFor more information, please see: How to fix System error #5016

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