How To Get Rid Of The Windows Error Code 5302 MAPI: Failed to initialize MAPI with profile BESAdmin
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What happens

This error occurs when upgrading your Blackberry Enterprise Server. When using the besmigration.exe utility to move users, the error code appears. The problem occurs after the installation has taken place and the MAPI account has been created. After rebooting the server, the Blackberry services do not start.

Fixing an error named 'MAPI: Failed to initialize MAPI with ...'

Make sure you are logged in with the service account; attempting the upgrade with the wrong account may yield the message. If you are properly logged in, the problem may be with misconfiguration of the MAPI account. Run the FIXMAPI.exe utility, to make sure it was configured correctly. When BES is installed, it asks for the name of the BES. There is a “1” behind the name of the BES added by default, which indicates BES server number 1. You may also attempt the following: Logion using the BESAdmin account and open the Registry Editor. Find the MAPIProfile registry entry. If the registry path doesn’t exist, then run the software installation while logged in using the BESAdmin account, and then, in the Services menu, start the Blackberry Enterprise Service. The MAPIProfile registry’s Data field will show the name of the MAPI profile. Copy this down for later use. Then, browse to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows Messaging Subsystem\Profiles\\, where is the information you just copied down. In the MAPI Profile window, specify both the BESAdmin account mailbox, and Exchange Server, and verify that the names resolve. Under Services, restart the Blackberry Enterprise Server service, and it should launch without further error. For further specific instructions on performing a cutover for BlackBerry Enterprise Server, see BlackBerry support at

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