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Running into Windows Error code 1203 (ERROR_NO_NET_OR_BAD_PATH') can slow up your day. Searching out this guide will help you take care of the Access problem once and for all.

What happens

This error is the result of either a typo—you typed in the network path incorrectly—or you typed in a network path that doesn’t exist. Alternately, it could result from the network provider not being available. This error can result from several common causes, including damage or corruption to the Windows registry, a conflict with device drivers, or a hardware malfunction.

Do following to prevent Windows code 1203

To address this error, re-type the path to make sure you entered it correctly. If you still get the error, then it wasn’t a typo, and you have some bad information about the network path. Contact your network administrator and obtain the correct information, and then re-enter it. Also note that the error code may also appear as error code 0x4B3.

TipFor more information, please see: How to fix Access error #1203

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