How I Solved The Windows Error Code 33 Windows cannot determine which resources are required for this device. (Code 33)
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What happens?

Windows is unable to start a device that you are trying to use on your computer due to a translator failure to find the correct resource for the device driver to use

Don't despair if Windows cannot determine which ...

Fixing the Windows error code 33 underlying root cause, is not always a simple task. The troubleshooting and configuration skills needed may exceed those of an average computer user. This is not to say that the average person cannot fix this problem, it merely means that if you do run into trouble while trying some of the standard fixes that you should get an experienced computer professional to assist you with the problem.

The recommended steps for resolving Windows error 33 is to correctly configure the device. This can involve many steps. Here are the first few steps you should take in resolving this error.

  • Restart your computer. If the error just started happening and there have been no major changes to your computer recently, your PC may just need to clear out the system cache with a restart. This should be your first step in most computer troubleshooting.
  • From the Device Manager run the Troubleshooting Wizard on the device. The Troubleshooting Wizard can detect many problems and automatically fix them without your intervention.
  • If the Troubleshooting Wizard failed to resolve the issue, you may have to do some device configuration.

If you have gone through the steps listed above, and are unable to use the device, check the device’s status in the Device Manager window. Make sure that the device is enabled and that the driver is showing as being up to date. If you can find no obvious problems when looking at the Properties tab for the computer, you may want to use a replacement for the device that is having the problems. A new device may be the best fix when you get this far into the process. If your old device is under warranty, get a replacement or repair for the part that is having the issues.

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