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Troubleshooting Windows errors can seem like an impossible prospect. However finding the solution to the (Your computer’s system firmware does not include enough information to properly configure and use this device. To use this device, contact your computer manufacturer to obtain a firmware or BIOS update. (Code 35) ) error message is easier than you think. Check out our how-to guide for resolving this common System problem.

What happens

Your computer runs low level firmware called BIOS when it boots up. This firmware is designed to get your PC from the point where the power comes on to the point when Windows starts to load. If configuration problems exist in the BIOS for your hardware, you will see Windows error code 35.

Solution: Your computer’s system firmware does ...

Fixing BIOS related issues is not quite as simple, or straightforward as fixing Windows GUI based errors. The BIOS on every machine from different manufacturers is going to differ. Before you make any attempt to fix a BIOS related problem on your PC, be sure that you have the information that you need from your motherboard manufacturer. The system BIOS is geared toward the simple act of getting your motherboard engaged and running. If you go in and start editing fields in the BIOS, you could inadvertently change a field related to another device. You don’t want to compound your problems, so get information from the vendor before you do anything to change the BIOS on your PC.

Check all of the documentation that you received when you purchased the motherboard or computer. You will need to know some specifics about your computer, like the Motherboard name, number and architecture. There are different strains of BIOS for different types of motherboard architecture. Make sure you know the build information about your board, before you go any further in the search for help with this Windows BIOS error.

Find the information that relates to your PC in regard to BIOS configuration. Follow the manufacturer’s directions to a tee. You need to edit only the fields that are distinctly, spelled out in the documentation to avoid the potential for multiplying your BIOS error messages. If you run into a situation that you don’t feel comfortable working with, you should contact the support staff from your motherboard’s manufacturer to see if they can walk you through any particularly tough spots in the BIOS editing.

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