Step-By-Step Instruction To Fix Windows Error Code 0xe0000227 Install Realtek HD Audio Driver Failure Error Code: 0xe0000227
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Windows error codes can be cryptic and frustrating. Check out this Hardware guide for solving your Windows Error code 0xe0000227 and how to keep it from happening again.

What happens

This error occurs with the Windows XP operating system during a Realtek High Definition driver installation. The installation process freezes when install the bus drivers for audio in Windows XP.

What you can do when Hardware code 0xe0000227 occurs

The error sometimes occurs with a new installation of Windows XP and causes the sound to disappear along with problems installing the audio driver. One way to try and solve the problem is to click on Start on your main toolbar at the bottom of the desktop screen and then choose Control Panel from the pop-up menu. When the Control Panel window opens, double click on System and then choose Hardware. When the menu appears choose Devices by Connection and in the new window right click on Bus Driver for Microsoft UAA High Definition Audio to disable and uninstall. Following this process you should be able to install the Realtek High Definition driver through the regular process and without receiving the error code. It will also be necessary to restart the computer after you install the driver for the changes to take place

If you are still having difficulty with the error it can be due to a conflict between Service Pack 3 and Service Pack 2. Click on Start and choose Control Panel then double click on Add/Remove Programs. Make sure all components of Realtek Audio are uninstalled including the Intel High Definition Audio. Change the CSDVersion registry key to Windows XP SP2 by clicking on Start and then choosing Run. In the Command Prompt type in regeditHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and then double click on the SoftwareMicrosoft folder and choose the Windows NT folder. Choose Current Version and change the CSDVersion registry key to CSDVersion value=200.Make sure you back up the registry before you attempt this change in case you make a mistake.

Disable the UAA as described above and then go to the Intel website to download the KB888111 patch. Install the patch and then proceed to install the Realtek drivers. Return to the registry and change the CSDVersion value back to 300. Restart your PC.

TipFor more information, please see: How to fix Hardware error #0xe0000227

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