How To Solve A Problem With Error Code 14 This device cannot work properly until you restart your computer. (Code 14)
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What happens?

This is one of those seemingly inexplicable errors that can happen at any time. You could be working in a few different applications simultaneously and taxing the system too much and see the Windows error code 24 pop up on your screen.

Do not despair because This device cannot work properly until ...

Though this error can occur for what seems like very mysterious reasons, the fix is very straightforward. Windows tells you in the error message itself what is required to resolve the issue. This may seem rather rudimentary to some, but many people are not aware of the proper way to restart their computer. You should avoid simply pressing in the power button on your PC when you want to power the computer down. Here are the simple, but important, steps to take to shutdown or restart your computer:

  • Click on the Windows Icon in the lower left-hand side of your computer screen.
  • The Start menu will appear. Look slightly to the right for the Shut Down button.
  • Click on the button.
  • The error message says to restart your computer, but rather than simply choosing restart from the Shut Down menu, it is better to choose to do a complete shutdown and then power the computer back up by pressing the power button.

This is a simple operation to perform, but it must be done correctly to save wear and tear on your operating system. Simply pressing in the physical power button on a PC is one of the fastest ways to get corrupt files or missing DLLs. You want to avoid these problems at all costs, so be sure to shut your computer down the correct way, especially when you see error code 14.

If you do get to a point where you cannot shut your computer down the correct way, your only option may be to press in and hold the power button on your computer case or laptop. Hold the button in for a few seconds and the computer will shut down.

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