Fixing Windows Error Code 100 right the first time Cannot create another system semaphore. (code 100)
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Windows error codes can be cryptic and frustrating. Check out this guide for solving your Windows Error code 100 and how to keep it from happening again.

About the Error

Windows error code 100 can occur during a wide variety of activities that you might perform on your computer. You may see it while trying to print, copy a file, delete a file or any number of varied computer activities.

Taking care of the Cannot create another system ... message

Windows error code 100 will require user privileges to be changed. If you do not have sufficient privileges to change rights on an AD user account, you will not be able to take the steps that will be laid out in this resolution. If you do not have the necessary rights, you will need to work with a Network Administrator who has the security privileges needed.

Here are the steps that should be taken:

  • Click on Start, then Run and type in dcomcnfg and click OK or hit Enter.
  • Find the Default Security tab and click on it.
  • Locate the box that says Default Access Permissions and click on Edit Default.
  • System and Interactive should be listed with Allow Access. If you find that this is not true, you can add them by clicking on Add.
  • Make sure that the local computer name is in the List Names From box.
  • Choose Allow Access from the Set Type of Access selection.
  • Find the account that is missing and click on it, then click Add.
  • Click OK three times.
  • Log off the network or computer and log back in.

As network privileges are being increased during this fix, you need to follow the policies and procedures for your network. That may entail getting a network administrator or other IT staff to assist you. If you are a member of the IT department, make sure that you note the details of your set up before you make the changes in case you need to revert back at any time in the future.

TipFor more information, please see: How to fix Security error #100

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