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This page shows you the easy and correct steps required to repair a Windows 80072efd error. Check it out and finally get rid of this problem.

The Problem

When you try to access the Windows Update or Microsoft Update website you receive error code 80072efd which prevents you from downloading updates.


The error can be caused by a firewall which is blocking the connection to the Update website, incorrect IP address, proxy settings, or a conflict with the antivirus program you are using. Before you try the following troubleshooting tips, refer to the documentation or help section which was included with the firewall program you are using to update your firewall program to allow Windows Update and then try accessing the Update website again.

If you still receive the error message click on Internet Explorer to open the browser window and then choose Tools from the main toolbar. Click on Internet Options on the drop down menu and then choose Connections. Click on the Local Area Network Settings and then choose Advanced and locate Exceptions and enter;; When you are finished, click OK. Try to access the Update website again.

Sometimes the entries for the Windows Update can cause the error to occur. This is because the IP address can change for the Update website which is why Microsoft does not recommend keeping the entries in the HOSTS file. To delete Windows Update entries click on Start on the main toolbar and place your mouse pointer over All Programs and then choose Accessories. Click on Notepad and when the program opens click on File and then choose Open. Choose All Files from the pull down menu under Files of Type. Click on the pull down menu next to Look in at the top of the window and choose the system32 folder and then choose drivers.Click on hosts and when the file opens delete the entries for Windows Update and then click on Save. Try to access the Updates website again.

TipFor more information, please see: How to fix Update error #80072efd

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