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Having a Windows Driver Error Code 40 pop up does happen.

"Windows cannot access this hardware because its service key information in the registry is missing or recorded incorrectly. (Code 40)"

Fortunately it is a known issue and there are some easy tips to helping you solve the Driver problem. Read our article on Windows Error Code 40 and take care of it today.

What happens

In attempting to interface with the device you are trying to run, Windows has discovered an invalid service sub-key for the driver in the computer‘s registry. This invalid entry makes it impossible for Windows to correctly operate the device.

The following will help you if Windows code 40 comes up

The Windows error code 40 is a driver error that has resulted in a serious registry change. Every change on your computer affects the registry. Even though the registry has been changed, you will not have to access the registry directly to resolve this error. Simply making a few basic configuration changes should fix all of the entry problems in the registry for the device that is generating the error code. Like most driver errors, error code 40 will require you to be aware of how to launch and work in Device Manager.

Open Device Manager on your computer and then scroll through the entries until you find the affected device. Click on the entry for the device to open the Properties dialog box. On the dialog box, click on the Driver tab and then choose Uninstall.

After you take these steps, a series of on screen directions will be displayed. Follow all of the directions and then restart your computer.

After your computer is up and running again, return to Device Manager. From Device Manager, click on Actions, followed by Scan for Hardware Changes. You will see another set of instructions on your screen. Follow all of the instructions. The issue should now be resolved and making the change to the device should have updated the invalid registry settings that were causing the error to begin with. Like many other driver and registry errors, doing a simple update of the device driver can fix common device malfunctions and correct problems in the registry.

TipFor more information, please see: How to fix Driver error #40

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