What is Windows Error Code 54? The network is busy. (Code 54)
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Running into Windows Error code 54 can slow up your day. Searching out this guide will help you take care of the problem once and for all.

The Problem

If you are working on a network and try to connect your computer to a shared resource or server that is experiencing heavy network traffic or requests you may get this error message. The network has too much traffic at the current time to complete your request.


Resolving network errors is not something that the average end user should try to do. Networks can be very complicated and if you are not familiar with the topology, infrastructure and configuration of a network, you will really be in no position to fix Windows error code 54.

Even though you may not be the person that has to fix this network issue, you should take some very basic steps as an end user to provide good information to your IT department in regard to the error message. Here are some things you should do to be an asset to the IT department to get network issues resolved.

  • Write down the error message in its entirety. People who tell the IT department that they had a computer error, but are unable to tell the support staff exactly what the error said, are not going to help get the issue resolved. If it is possible, get a screen shot of the error message by clicking on print screen and then opening a word processor and pasting the image into the document. If you have a screen print, you can send it to your IT staff, so they will see exactly what the error message is.
  • Ask your co-workers if they can access the resource you are trying to connect to. If others can get to the resource the problem may be resolved. You should try again from your computer.
  • Try to connect to other resources on the network. See if the problem is isolated to you accessing just one resource, or if it is an overall network problem.

By taking these steps and reporting them to the IT department you will be taking the kinds of proactive steps, as an end user, that will make it easier for the IT staff to diagnose and resolve the network issue. Sometimes network errors, like error 54 will simply resolve without any intervention, but you should be prepared to offer the data you have collected to assist the IT department.

TipFor more information, please see: How to fix Network error #54

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