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The Windows error code 36 can happen when you are using your computer and attempt to use a peripheral device that is installed. Windows allocates computer resources to every device and sees a conflict in the resources that this device is trying to use and cannot interface with the device as a result.

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Fixing the Windows error code 36 is a fix that should only be implemented by advanced computer users. The source of the problem is the result of a BIOS setting. The BIOS of a computer is the lower level firmware that gives directions to your computer motherboard and other hardware. If you are not confident in your computer skills when it comes to making BIOS changes, you should get the assistance of a seasoned computer professional to assist with this fix. Inadvertently changing the wrong setting in the BIOS can result in the entire computer becoming unusable. Use extreme caution in editing your computer’s BIOS.

The BIOS version and options for your PC is probably very different from other computers. Every manufacturer of computers and every different computer model uses a different BIOS. Do not assume that a fix that works for one computer will necessarily work for your computer. Before this error can be resolved, you must refer to the documentation that came with your computer or motherboard. Get all of the pertinent information about your computer, including the model number and the motherboard build. Once you have the information and documentation for your computer together, refer to the manufacturer’s website to see what BIOS settings need to be changed, and how you should make the changes.

Some hardware manufacturers have documented fixes for every type of Windows error imaginable. Other companies may not have a documented fix, so you may need to contact their customer service and tell them the error and all of your computer information.

There is no single scenario to resolve the Windows error 36. Be sure to have the right information from your hardware’s manufacturer before you attempt to fix this issue.

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