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Running into Windows Error code 1000 can slow up your day. Searching out this guide will help you take care of the problem once and for all.

The Problem

This problem occurs on Windows NT workstations and servers. The error occurs when a user is unable to log in to load or access his profile on the system. The reasons for this could be either an incorrect password or user ID or a change in the system files – either done by the administrator or by system corruption or a virus attack. In some cases it can also happen when a system partition (a drive on the hard disk) is full or the registry size exceeds its specified limits.


If the problem is with non-recognition of the password or user ID, the system administrator must be asked to give all users control to modify their profiles. Once users are able to modify profiles, the password and user IDs can be reset and the problem should disappear. Rather than trying to re-create the old password and ID, try to create new ones as this will bypass any problems arising out of old passwords and IDs being corrupted and not recognized when re-entered.
In case the issue is with the partition or registry size, only qualified users or the administrator should attempt the fix as it involves checking the partition / drive or registry and modifying the size – something that if not done correctly could result in the system crashing. Changing the partition size could lead to hard disk failure which will involve complete loss of all programs and data. Similarly making changes to the registry can result in the system freezing. It is essential that a complete backup is done before any attempt is made to modify the disk or the registry.
Once the system is reset a complete virus and malware scan should be performed to ensure the removal of any system infection that may have caused the problem.

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