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This is a “post build manifest” error. You may see this error when using the Assembly Registration tool in a pre- or post-build project in Microsoft Visual C#. the error may also appear upon a faulty installation, or when copying files in Windows Vista.

What the experts recommended

The 9009 error code may be associated with a rebuild in Visual Studio 2005 with the FxCopCmd in the post-build event command line. It may be the result of an improper script execution, or the failure to copy or install a file. The problem may be the result of an invalid registry entry or a corrupt driver.

To address the problem, add the Manifest Tool (mt.exe) to the system path. You may also try adding the xcopy code in a batch file, and then put that batch file in the target directory where the assembly is being copied. Then, modify the post build event to call the DLL.

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