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Common problems such as Windows Error Code 999 can be resolved with without too much difficulty. In this article we will go through solving the problem and how to prevent it in the future.


This error which also is displayed as “error_Swaperror” is displayed when an attempt is made start Nero and it fails. This is referred to as an NBI start-up failure as NBI refers to the Nero Backup Utility. The problem may be caused by the existence of unwanted or corrupted files which prevent the proper running of the various start up programs. The primary cause of this is left over files and registry values from programs that have been uninstalled from the system. The problem can also extend to accessing other programs.

Step-by-step instruction

To correct this problem you will need to delete all the NBI files on your computer. To do this open drive C: and look for the Windows/System32 folder. Double click to open it and search among the sub folders for the following files: vb6stkit.dll, comcat.dll, asycfilt.dll, msvbvm60.dll, crpe32.dll, mscomm32.ocx, and comdlg32.ocx. Delete them all. Reboot the system and then re-start Nero again to reactivate the NBI installer. If asked to, perform another reboot. This should remove the problem and get rid of the 999 error message.

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