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Finding the solution for Windows Error Code 2203 is only another click away. Read the following Installation article on solving Windows Error Code 2203 in order to finally get rid of it.

What happens

You may see this error if you are attempting to install the Microsoft Office 2000 Service Release 1a (SR-1a) administrative patch. The error may occur when you upgrade a cloned Outlook 2000 install point to Outlook 2000 SR-1a, after which the install will revert to its original state. Also, if you install the upgrade to an Office 2000 administration point, the install may abort and you will receive the error message.

Fixing an error named 'An internal error has occurred. Contact ...'

This error occurs as a result of the Data1.msi file that is used in the upgrade is set to “read only”. To fix the issue, check to make sure that the Outlook 2000 admin install point is unavailable. Log on to the computer using an admin account with full control permissions for Outlook 2000. In Windows Explorer, view the Outlook 2000 admin installation folder, and then select the Data1.msi file. Then select the File menu, and click on Properties. See the General tab and select it, and then click on the “Read-only” check box to de-select it. Then, go to the Security tab to verify that Full Control permissions are granted to the admin account you are using to carry out the upgrade. Click OK and run your command again.

A second method for fixing this problem is used when the Installs directory does not provide user permission to SYSTEM. In this case, right click on the folder, click Sharing, and add SYSTEM to the list of permissions for the directory.

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