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Error code 0x80070103 is displayed when you try to download updates for the hardware driver from either the Windows or Microsft Update websites.

Windows Update code 80070103 - The solution takes only 2 minutes

Error code 0x80070103 can be caused by a few different conflicts when you try to update your hardware driver. It can occur if you try to update your current driver with another version that is not appropriate for the driver which is currently installed. The error may also appear if you repeat an installation of a driver for the same type of hardware. The chances are that the updated driver will be available through Windows Update later on so you can block it in the future to prevent the error during update installation.

If you are using the Windows XP operating system you can prevent the error by logging onto the Microsoft Update website and then clicking on Customwhen the Welcome screen appears after the updates are complete. When the navigation window appears choose Hardwareand then Optional. When Select Optional Hardware Updatesis displayed proceed to choose the graphics card updateand then place a check mark next to the Don’t show this update againfeature. Choose Review and Install Updatesand make sure the secondary graphics card update is absent and then choose Install Updates .

If you are running your PC on the Windows Vista or Windows 7 operating system you can click on Starton the main toolbar of the desktop and then choose All Programs. Navigate toWindows Updateand then choose Check for Updates to begin scanning for updates. When this process is finished choose Optional updates are availableand when the Select the updates you want to installarea appears, right click on the update you are looking forand then choose Hide updatefrom the menu. Click on OKand then choose Install Updatesif you have other updates you want to install. If you do not have any further updates you can close the window to complete the process.

TipFor more information, please see: How to fix Update error #80070103

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