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Troubleshooting Windows errors can seem like an impossible prospect. However finding the solution to the (The operating system cannot run %1. (Code 201) ) error message is easier than you think. Check out our how-to guide for resolving this common Software problem.

What happens

The Windows error code 201 will occur when you are in the process of launching a particular application. The error message is not related to any one particular application, but it does seem to happen more frequently with Java-based applications.

Solution: The operating system cannot run %1. ...

Fixing software interoperability problems are never an easy path to go down. This particular windows error seems to indicate that there is something about the coding in the application that the Windows operating system is unable to work with. It may be a simple line of code that can be altered, or it may be that the entire software package is causing the Windows OS to react badly.

Since this error message can be displayed while using a wide variety of applications or software, you are probably going to have to start with the software vendor in terms of support. Microsoft cannot guarantee that every program is going to run on their OS, so starting with the vendor is the best way to go for this particular error message. If the vendor has specific instructions or a patch, follow the directions and install whatever fix they provide to see if it stops the error code from coming up.

The official Microsoft resolution for these types of errors is to uninstall the application, restart your computer and then reinstall the application. These are great steps to take after you’ve communicated with the software vendor and either before or after you apply any fixes that the software vendor provides.

Fixing software compatibility issues can be very time consuming and you may not ever get the exact support that you want from a vendor. You may want to check the vendor’s website for FAQs on the error code to see if there are any recommended steps that you can easily do on your own.

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