Repairing Windows Error Code 255 The extended attributes are inconsistent. (Code 255)
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What happens?

The Windows error code 255 is a software error. This error can happen when you are trying to launch or access some functionality of a third party software application. This error is usually associated with SharePoint applications.

When The extended attributes are ... you shoud do following

Microsoft supplies a lot of information to help resolve system errors when they happen to you. Many times the Microsoft knowledge bases or other online pages have quick, easy solutions that you can use to resolve problems almost immediately. Sometimes errors will occur that Microsoft does not have a specific fix for. Most of the time these types of errors are associated with third-party applications. There is very little that can be done about some of these types of errors, from a Windows operating system perspective.

Error code 255 is one of those software errors that there is not a documented fix for on the Microsoft sites. Windows does its job of telling you that an error occurred, and even gives you a code number to reference. The next steps to take in resolving this type of error message is entirely between you and the software manufacturer. You will have to contact the software manufacturer to get information from them about how to resolve this error.

The recommended steps to take in finding a fix via a software vendor are:

  • Refer to any documentation, electronic or hard copy that came with the software to find a suggested resolution. Many times there are fixes documented that you can use to resolve the system error.
  • Check the help files in the application. If you can get the application to run, check the help section to see if the error code 255 is mentioned.
  • Go online to the vendor’s website. Many times software vendors have fixes and patches online to resolve errors like Windows error 255.
  • Contact the vendor’s customer support line or email address. You may be able to work with an agent to get the error resolved.

These steps are more involved than many Windows fixes that simply require a few configuration changes. Most software vendors should be able to supply you with information to help you with their application’s functionality.

TipFor more information, please see: How to fix Software error #255

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