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If you are using an application that is built on Perl or other console-mode applications that reference a certain procedure code, you may find that the application stops running completely or locks up followed by Windows error code 128.

Windows Software fault 128 - Read the solution

This error ties into a system file called User32.dll. This particular .dll file is essential for controls on command window type applications. Even if the program has a GUI interface, if it makes use of a command window of some kind, it likely ties into this .dll file. As you may know, .dll files are Dynamic Link Libraries. These files are essential to the operating system and applications. When you see error messages that reference a particular .dll, you know that you may have a corrupted file or some other problem that you will need to resolve. These types of errors never just resolve themselves; you may need to install a new copy of a .dll to fix some of the errors that you will see.

For this particular error, here are the recommended steps from Microsoft to resolve the underlying cause of the error message:

    Click on Start followed by clicking on Run. Type this command into the text box “wupdmgr” (minus the quotation marks). This should kick off the process to run Windows Update manually. Windows should locate the needed update to get your User32.dll issue resolved. It is highly recommended that you update your anti-virus software after running the update. Restart your computer.

This should have resolved the underlying .dll error that was causing the Windows error to happen on your computer. Keeping your computer up to date with the latest updates and patches is one of the best measures you can take to keep your PC running efficiently.

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