[Fixed:] Windows Error Code 80023102 The service is currently under maintenance. Error Code: 80023102
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"The service is currently under maintenance. Error Code: 80023102"

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What happens

The problem is related to Play Station Network account management and occurs when you when you attempt to add funds to your wallet. You can enter your payment information and then the error appears with a message that says the service is currently under maintenance.

Do this if you see Windows PSP code 80023102

The problem is believed to be caused by a problem with the Sony server. When you try to make a purchase from the PlayStation Network store the error code appears. The error code also appears when you attempt to add funds to your wallet or when you try to re-enter your credit card information. The error is related to Sony’s server which places a limit on how many transactions per second it can handle and the company has been working to correct the problem. If you repeatedly keep trying to add funds to your wallet or re-enter your credit card information the server will lock you out for about 24 hours because it assumes that you are not the legitimate card holder. If you wait 48 hours to try again sometimes you can get around the error by trying again.

You can also try to add your credit card number in place of the security X’s that you usually see to hide the credit card number and then enter your address all on one line in your account instead of two lines. If you do not receive the error message when you do this try to follow through with your purchase. When all else fails, call Sony with the error code number and they may be able to advise you further however, the error has been known to be an ongoing problem with their server that they are attempting to resolve.

TipFor more information, please see: How to fix PSP error #80023102

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