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This is an error that you may encounter while moving files from a Windows machine to a Mac. It is a Mac error code that may occur when you attempt to duplicate files onto a DVD. First, check to make sure that both the source and destination DVDs are the same type of disc, and that the drive is capable of writing onto that disc. Also, you may get this error if you are trying to copy a CD to a DVD, or the other way around—which cannot be done.

This steps help on a code 8058 error

You may find that when you receive the error code, you are also unable to eject the disc. If that occurs, you have to re-start the computer, and hold down the mouse button until the disc is ejected.

To create a duplicate, make sure you are following the proper procedure. Insert the disc into the optical drive, and select it. Select File>New>Disk Image from (disc name). If you are creating a disc to be used as a boot disc, select “DVD/CD Master”, otherwise, select “compressed”, and select “read/write”. Click “save”. After the image has been created, eject the original disc. Select the disc image in the list, and select Images>Burn, and then wait for the Burn Disc dialog to appear and insert a blank CD and click Save.

TipFor more information, please see: How to fix Macintosh error #8058

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