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About the Error

The error prevents you from signing in to Windows Live Messenger. If you try to close Messenger and reopen to sign in again you still receive the error message.

Tips for resolving the error code 8e5e0158 in Windows.

The error is related to an incorrect termination of Windows Live which damages the contact list in Windows Live Messenger. In order to resolve the error it is necessary to delete the cache folder for Live Contacts and then reinstall it from the server.

To perform this troubleshooting step you should make sure that Windows Live Messenger is shut down completely. Click on Start on the main toolbar and then choose My Computer from the menu. When the window opens choose C drive and then double click on the Windows folder. When the folder opens, click on Tools and then choose Folder Options from the drop down menu. Click on View and then choose Show hidden files and folders from the list and click OK. Return to C drive under My Computer and then choose the Documents and Settings folder and enter your password. Choose Local Settings and then Application Data. Double click on the Microsoft folder and then choose Windows Live Contacts. Save the folder by backing up the contents or place it in a zip file. Right click on the folder and then press the Delete key. Download your Live Contacts from the server.

If you are using Windows Vista you will click on Organize in the Windows folder in Windows Explorer and then choose Folder and Search Options. Click on View and look for Hide extensions for known file types and make sure this option is not selected and then choose OK. Go to C drive and choose Users and enter your password. Choose AppData and then click on Local. Click on the Microsoft folder and then choose Windows Live Contacts and save the entire folder by backing it up. Right click on the Live Contacts folder and press the Delete key. Download your Live Contacts from the server again.

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