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During the boot up process for your computer, you may see Windows error code 10 displaying a message on your screen. Windows is unable to get a response from the hardware. This is usually due to a failure in the device driver or software that allows your OS to communicate with hardware devices.

Windows code 10 - Read what really helps

To resolve Windows error code 10, it is usually a simple matter of updating device drivers. The error message probably occurs when you are trying to use a particular piece of hardware, such as a USB connected device or internal DVD drive. Take note of the device you are using when the error occurs in order to update the correct drivers.

To update the driver for the device in question, go to the device's properties and click on the Driver tab. Then choose and click on Update Driver. The Hardware Update Wizard will appear on your screen. Follow all of the prompts that the wizard displays.

When you are prompted for the path of the driver, there are two options; try the options in this order:

  • Check to see if Windows has the driver built in by letting Windows detect the driver. Windows has drivers built into the operating system for thousands of common devices. If Windows can auto-detect the driver, you will simply have to click OK or Next through the remaining screens until the installation is complete.
  • If Windows does not have the driver built in, you will have to provide the file path to the driver. Locate the driver on your hard drive or on the CD that came with the device and follow the directions. Windows will load the drivers from the path you specified and complete the update process.
  • In cases where you are not sure where the driver file is located or cannot find the installation disk, go to the manufacturer's website to find the driver. Most hardware manufacturers have drivers stored online. Be sure that you know the make and model number of your hardware to easily find the drivers you need. Save the file to your computer and remember the path to the newly downloaded driver file. Browse to find the file in the Hardware Update Wizard and let the installation complete.

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