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Do you see this Windows Installation error message on your screen?

"Error reading from file"

Then please follow the steps below to solve that Installation problem.

What happens

If you are installing Microsoft Office Project 2003 and receive the error message, “error reading from file: path\filename.cab. Verify that the file exists and that you can access it,” this is because Project 2003 uses a separate version of the Oclncore.opc file. The Project 2003 vcersion of OcIncore.opc may cause a conflict with the rest of the Office 2003 suite. Alternately, if you receive the error message “fatal error during installation”, it is because you have attempted to install Project 2003 before installing Office 2003. The cause is the same conflict with the Oclncore.opc file.

In the first case, find the PRJPRO*.XML file under FILES/SETUP of the installation source. Open the file in Notepad, and search for the text string “OCLNCORE.OPC_1033”. Change CacheLevel=’1’ setting to CacheLevel=’3’. Save the modidfied file back to its original location.

In the second case, find the PR011.XML file in FILES/SETUP. Go through the same procedure of changing the OCLNCORE.OPC_1033 CacheLevel from 1 to 3; save it back to its original location, and then attempt the install again. Changing the CacheLevel means that the order of installation is no longer relevant, and it should proceed without a hitch.


This is a system error code. Many system errors can occur due to improper maintenance, or may also be the result of a virus infection or a corrupted software file. Make sure your anti-virus and anti-malware software is up to date, and perform a scan to ensure that no malware is present. You may also be able to address the incidence of this error code by performing routine maintenance on the registry. Any simple registry repair tool should be able to conduct routine maintenance, after which the system error code may be addressed.

TipFor more information, please see: How to fix Installation error #1309

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