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A How-to guide on solving Windows Access Error Code 998

(Invalid access to memory location)
Read our guide on solving Windows Error Code 998 and use these tips. It will help you to troubleshoot your issue.

What happens

When this error message appears you may not be able to either open programs or access large parts of your saved data. The problem is usually caused by viruses or malware although it can sometimes arise because of a program file. At times, installing a new program without completely removing all the elements of an old one can also cause this problem. Out dated and corrupt drivers are another cause. While this is a serious issue, if the cause is a virus, the problem will spread and action to correct the situation needs to be taken urgently to prevent loss of data and a possible system crash.

What you should do in the case of Windows Access error #998

Microsoft has created a simple solution to this problem. The first thing you need to do is go to http://www.sydown.net/download-repair-tool?Error Code 998 and follow the instructions you receive to download the 998 error repair tool. Once the tool is downloaded, run it and follow the instructions that appear onscreen. Reboot your computer if asked to. Once you restart, go to http://downloads.drivershq.com/DriverDetective/RevenueWire/DriverDetective.exe and download the Windows Software Update Program. Follow the on screen instructions for installing and then running it. It will update the drivers that manage your computer. Once again a reboot may be required.
Once the drivers are updated, you will need to run your antivirus and malware protection program. Before starting it use the Update or equivalent button on the program control panel to get the latest virus definitions and then run the program. This should resolve the problem of the 998 error.

TipFor more information, please see: How to fix Access error #998

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