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This error relates to the Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and occurs when you try to use the Export mailbox or Restore mailbox commands to transfer specific mailboxes on your PC.

Don't despair if Error restoring the mailbox ...

If your PC is connected to the Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and you receive the error while using commands in the Export-mailbox or Restore-mailbox, the problem is connected with Microsoft Exchange Servers which utilize the Enterprise Edition and the Standard Edition.

If you are using either of these editions for the Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 it will be necessary install the Update Rollup 4 for Service Pack 1 to resolve the error issues. To obtain a download of Rollup 4 it is necessary to navigate to and then locate the file that corresponds with the architecture of the Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 which you are using. If you are running Microsoft Exchange 2007 version x64 then you will choose Exchange2007-KB940006-x64-EN.msp. If you are running Microsoft Exchange 2007 version x86 then you should choose Exchange2007-KB940006-x86-EN.msp. Once you have chosen the correct file click the Download button. If you want to install Rollup 4 immediately then simply click on Openor choose Run this program from its current location. If you plan on installing Rollup 4 at a later time then click on Save or choose Save this program to disk. Rollup 4 is the latest release from Microsoft to repair this error with Microsoft Exchange 2007 and contains updates that were not included in the previous Rollup versions. Once you install it shut down your PC and reboot and then try the commands again for Export-mailbox or Restore-mailbox.

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