Trouble With Windows Software Error Code 107? The program stopped because an alternate diskette was not inserted. (Code 107)
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When you are running a software program that loads from multiple CDs or floppy disks, you will get an error either during run time or installation that tells you that the program stopped because an alternate diskette was not inserted.

This steps help on a code 107 error

The most usual cause of Windows error 107 is a software error. If you are installing a program that has data spread across several disks and the software is to the point where it needs the next disk you will see this error. If you are installing or running this type of application, you should simply eject the current disk and insert the next disk to make the error go away. If the software recognizes that the new disk has been inserted, the error should be resolved.

The real problem comes when you have tried this solution and the error message persists. At this point, the error may be with the software being stuck in a programming loop, the disk drive failing to read the data, or a damaged disk. Here are solutions to test for each scenario.

To test for a programming loop, simply insert another diskette after closing the program that you are in and see if the disk drive recognizes the data. If it does, you have removed the possibility of a bad drive from the equation. The next step would be to test the disk in a different drive. If the new drive reads the data, you have taken the possibility of a damaged disk out of the equation.

You are now left with the possibility that the application itself is faulty and stuck in a loop. Try to reboot your computer and attempt to launch the program again. If this does not resolve the problem, go to the software vendor’s website or contact their customer support line to get further information. There is no Windows fix for these types of issues, and they must be dealt with by the vendor.

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