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What happens?

When trying to access a network resource, like a server or remote computer, you may get this error message. The message is telling you that there are a few possible reasons for the lack of connectivity. The reasons are spelled out in the error message.

Life can be so beautiful but Windows cannot find the network path. ...

The best way to resolve Windows error code 51 is to take each of the possible scenarios spelled out in the error message and try to resolve them one by one.

Here are the steps you should take:

  • Verify that the network path is correct. If you are trying to connect to a remote share on the network, you have to verify that the path is correct. You should ask a network administrator what the full path to the resource is and copy that information to a text file. Check the path that you are typing in to reach the resources and verify it against the address that you have. If the path you are using is incorrect, simply copy and paste the information from the text file you saved over the path that you were using.
  • Verify that the remote computer is turned on. You may have to rely on an IT resource to verify this step as well. If you are trying to connect to a server and are not sure if it is powered on, contact your data-center and ask someone to verify whether or not the server is powered on. If the server is busy, it may just need a few minutes before it is available for you to connect to.
  • It’s a good idea to contact the system administrator or log an incident with your service desk to make sure that there aren’t network problems going on.

If the path you are using is correct and the Windows server is powered on and not experiencing network issues, you should be able to connect to the shared resource without receiving the Windows error code 51.

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