What is Windows Error Code 55? The specified network resource or device is no longer available. (Code 55)
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A How-to guide on solving Windows Network Error Code 55

(The specified network resource or device is no longer available. (Code 55))
Read our guide on solving Windows Error Code 55 and use these tips. It will help you to troubleshoot your issue.

What happens

If you are browsing out to a network share that does not exist or is offline, you will see error code 55. This error coded is telling you that the resource either doesn’t exist or is not available for connections at the present time.

What you should do in the case of Windows Network error #55

Unless you are a network administrator, you will probably not be in a position to resolve error code 55. Just because you can’t actually fix the issue, doesn’t mean that you can’t take some good, diagnostic steps to make sure that this error is correct as it applies to your situation. You can try a few things before you alert the IT staff about your networking difficulties.

Here are some steps to take before you notify the IT staff at your company.

Check to see if you are trying to connect to a network drive that no longer exists. If you are trying to map a drive out to a server that has not been in production for a while, you may see error code 55. You can try all day to connect, but if a resource is no longer on the network, you will never make a valid connection to it. If you believe that the server you are trying to access should still be available, write the name of the server down and the path that you use to connect to it, so you can inform the IT staff with the right information.

If you believe that the server is offline, you can try to send a “Ping” to it to see if it is truly online. Click on your Start button and click on Run. Type cmd into the box and hit Enter. When the command prompt comes up, type in – ping “computername.” The computer name should be the FQDN of the computer on your network. Copy the results from the Ping to a screen shot and send it to the IT department if the problem persists.

Solving network issues is a complicated, multi-tiered process. If you are an end user, you do play a part in getting these issues resolved by taking the right steps and recording any information that you collect to give to the IT staff.

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