Windows Error Code 646 - Fix It Faster Than Microsoft The driver was not loaded because the system is booting into safe mode
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Windows error codes can be cryptic and frustrating. Check out this guide for solving your Windows Error code 646 and how to keep it from happening again.

About the Error

Error code 646 refers to problems relating to the downloading of Windows and appears when the update has been unsuccessful. This means that there is a software problem in your computer and the two most likely causes are either with your drivers or with your firewall.

Getting rid of the Windows code 646 notification

This is an issue that needs to be resolved fast because if urgent updates are blocked from your computer it is at an increased risk of malfunction or virus attacks. The first thing to do is to check your drivers to see if they need updating. The best way to do this is to install one of the many automatic driver update programs that are available for download. Once this is installed reboot your system (even if the program does not require it) and run it to check your driver status. Download driver updates fs asked to do so. When this process is completed once again reboot and run Windows Update.
If the problem has not been resolved, the issue is most likely with your firewall. The firewall is what protects unwanted and dangerous software from entering your system. The solution to this is to open the computer’s control panel and click on System and Security. Then click on Windows Firewall (if you are using another firewall, go to the product provider’s help page to see how to modify it. An option of allowing a program to pass through the firewall will be displayed. Follow the instructions and enable Windows Updates to pass through. Once this is done, try to download again. If the problem still persists, try disabling the firewall and attempting the download. If successful, reactivate the firewall after the download completes.
Do not leave the firewall off for longer than you have to – your computer will be at risk during this period.

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