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Do you see this Windows Windows error message on your screen?

"ConfigMgr cannot move the specified folder. Refresh the ConfigMgr Administrator console to verify that another administrator had not moved or deletes the folder. Verify that no other folder with the same name exists at that destination and that you are moving the folder to a node with the same object types. instance of SMS_ExtendedStatus {Description = "CSspFolderMember::MoveMembers: At least one member is locked on the child site." ErrorCode = 2152205056; File = "e:\\nts_sms_fre\\sms\\siteserver\\sdk_provider\\smsprov\\sspfolder.cpp" Line = 1453;Operation = "ExecMethod" ParameterInfo = "SMS_ObjectContainerItem" ProviderName = "WinMgmt" StatusCode = 2147749889;};"

Then please follow the steps below to solve that Windows problem.

What happens

You receive this error message when create a local folder and a local object on a secondary site of System Configuration Manager 2007 and then try to move the objects into a folder or out of a folder.


The error occurs due to a problem with the Configuration Manager Console which causes it to mismanage the local objects you created or the folder which you created on the second site. This can happen as a result of the necessity for a primary site and secondary site for Microsoft System Configuration Manager 2007.

There is a Hotfix available for download from Microsoft for correcting this type of error. You can obtain the Hotfix from http://support.microsoft.com/hotfix/KBHotfix.aspx?kbnum=942536&kbln=en-us however it is important to be aware that you should only take this route to resolve the error if you are 100 percent sure that this is indeed the error. After you install the Hotfix it is not necessary to restart your PC and it is also important to note that the Hotfix that you download does not replace a Hotfix you may have previously used. The Hotfix you choose depends upon the version of System Configuration Manager 2007 that you are currently using. If you are running the x86 version then you will choose the file that has a platform for x86. If you are running the x64 version you will use the file for this version of System Center Configuration Manager 2007.

TipFor more information, please see: How to fix Windows error #2152205056

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