Steps To Fix Windows Error Code 8024402c Windows could not search for new updates. Error found: Code: 8024402C
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About the Error

This error is related to Windows Update. When you try to access the Windows Update or Microsoft Update website access is denied and then the error message appears on your screen.

Windows Update fault 8024402c - Read the solution

The problem with this error can be related to proxy settings or a program or application on your PC which may be preventing installation of updates. There are a few troubleshooting strategies you can use to try and resolve the error and allow updates to install.

If the problem is related to proxy settings click on Internet Explorer to open the browser window and the choose Tools from the main menu. Click on Internet Options on the drop down menu and then choose Connections. Click on Local Area Network Settings and then choose Advance. Under Advance clear any entries in the Exceptions area and then close Internet Explorer. Click on Start on the main toolbar and then choose Run from the pop up menu. When the command prompt opens enter cmd and then press the Enter key. When the new window opens enter proxycfg –dEnter key. When the command prompt appears enter net stop wuauserv and press the Enter key. Follow the same procedure and enter net start wuauserv. Close the command prompt and then try to install updates again.

You should also check your firewall exception list. If you are using a third party firewall you should check the settings in the program you are using to make sure the following sites are included in the Exception list: http://*, https://*, and Close the window and then try to install updates again.

TipFor more information, please see: How to fix Update error #8024402c

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