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Windows error code 80200010 (Error Code: 0x80200010) can be solved. Check out our guide for troubleshooting the Update error code and how to prevent it from coming back in the future.

What happens

This error code appears when you attempt to access the Microsft Windows Update website or the Microsft Update website. It does not have a message included with the error and simply displays 0x80200010 on the screen.

What the experts recommended when Windows code 80200010 is displayed

The error code will appear when you try to access one of two Update sites for Microsoft and is caused by a missing content link header in the Background Intelligent Transfer Service or when you access a proxy that does not support the HTTP/1.1 protocol. The first step is to make sure you are connected to the Internet by choosing a Web page you usually visit and then clicking on a link. If you are connected then try to install updates again.

If you still cannot install the updates and you are running your PC on the Windows XP operating system click on Starton your main toolbar and then click on Runfrom the pop-up menu. When the Command Prompt opens enter notepadand then press the Enterkey. You can also open notepad by clicking on Startand choosing All Programs. Choose Accessoriesfrom the Menu and then click on Notepadon the submenu.

Once Notepad is open it is necessary to enter the following in the Notepad application: net stop bits, net stop wuauserv, Ipconfig /flushdns, cd "Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Network\Downloader” del qmgr0.dat, del qmgr1.dat, net start bits, net start wuauserv. When you have all of the commands entered in Notepad you can save the file as clear.bat on your PC’s desktop. Once the file is on your Desktop click on the clear.bat file and this will delete everything in the Background Intelligent Transfer queue so you can attempt to install updates again.

If you are running the Windows Vista operating system you can open Notepad by entering notepad into the search box from Start and enter the same commands as described above and follow the same procedure by saving the clear.bat file to your PC’s desktop. Right click on the clear.bat file on your desktop and then choose Run as administrator. Type in your administrator password if it is requested. If your password is not requested simply click on Continue to clear the queue in Background Intelligent Transfer and then try to install the updates again. For both Windows XP and Windows Vista you can delete the clear.bat file when you are finished with this troubleshooting procedure.

TipFor more information, please see: How to fix Update error #80200010

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