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Error 80073712 is an error message that can appear on the screen whenever you try to download updates to the Windows 7 operating system.

Windows code 80073712 - Read what really helps

The problem is caused by a corrupt file in the Component Based Servicing system which provides a different system for Windows Updates to be downloaded and installed. There are basically two troubleshooting procedures you an use to try and corrent this error.

This first method of troubleshooting involves using the System Update Readiness Tool which corrects some of the problems in the Component Based Servicing system. You can run this tool by logging onto the Windows Update website and downloading it onto your PC. Once you have installed the System Update Readiness Tool it will perform a scan and make any necessary corrections to the Component Based Servicing system. Once this process is completed, restart your PC and try installing updates again.

If you are still receiving the error message you will need to do a repair installation of Windows 7 by restarting your PC and inserting the Windows 7 CD. When you enter the setup window click on Install Now and then choose Go online to obtain the latest updates for installation. After the prompt press the Windows Productkey and when you are asked what type of installation you prefer click on Upgrade. If you are having problems getting Setup to start when you install the CD click on Startand then enter the letter of your CD drive followed by a colon and then enter \setup.exe in the search box. When the Programslist appears then choose Setup.exe.

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