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About the Error

The error occurs when you attempt to install Windows updates. When you try to click on check for updates in Windows Update with administrator privileges you cannot install updates and instead you receive error code 80070005.

Windows code 80070005 - Repair instruction

Error code 80070005 is caused by a number of factors some of which include an error in the DCOM configuration or the Automatic Updates service. You can begin to solve the problem by seeking verification for the DCOM configuration. To do this simply click on Start on your main toolbar on the desktop and then choose Run from the pop-up menu. When the Command Prompt appears type in dcomcnfgand then press the Enterkey. When the Component Services window opens double click on the Component Services folder and then double click on the Computers folder. Right click on My Computer and then choose Properties from the drop down menu. When the Properties window opens click on the COM Security tab and then click on Edit Default and then check to see that the correct accounts are listed

In the event that one of your accounts is missing you can simply click on Add and then choose Advanced. Click on Locations and then choose Local Computer Name and then choose OK. Proceed to click on Find Now and then press down the CTRL key on your keyboard. Choose the correct Account Names and click OK twice.Under User Names choose the account that you added and then choose Local Access in the Permissions area and then place a check mark in the Allow column and then click OK.

Once you complete this process it is necessary to confirm the default settings for DCOM. You can do this by choosing the Default Propertiestab and make sure Enable Distributed COM has a check mark placed inside the selection box,Identifyis checked under Default Impersonation, and Connect has a check mark under Default Authentication and then click OK. Restart your computer when you have completed this process.

TipFor more information, please see: How to fix Update error #80070005

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