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If you are using Windows Vista this error appears when you try to access updates from the Microsoft Update or Windows Update websites. The error also appears when you try to start Windows Update from the Control Panel of your PC.

Windows Update fault 8000ffff - Read the solution

Error code 8000FFFF can occur if you have certain values which appear in your PC’s registry which cause the error. Before you attempt to correct the error you should always backup your registry so you can restore it in the event anything happens while you are troubleshooting.

To correct the error, click on Start on the main toolbar of your desktop and then enter regeditin the Search box. When the registry editor opens search the Programs list and then choose Regedit.exe and enter your Administrator password if you are prompted to do so then click Continue. Choose the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE folder and then right click on Components. Choose Export and when the File Namebox appears enter Components. Click on Desktop under <Save in and then choose Save to save the file to your desktop. If the following registry keys exist in the details pane it is necessary to delete them: right click on PendingXmlIdentifier and then choose Delete, right click on NextQueueEntryIndex and then choose Delete, and then right click on AdvancedInstallersNeedResolving and then choose Delete. When you are finished with this process restart your PC and then try to download updates again.
If this did not resolve the error you can restore the registry key back to its original state by clicking on the desktop file you created and then choosing Yes from the prompt and then clicking on OK.

Next you can try deploying a reputable registry cleaner to repair any fragmented or broken files in your registry and place your PC back in proper working order. Sometimes fragmented registry files or corrupt files can cause errors in other programs on your PC.

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