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Do you see this Windows Update error message on your screen?

"Cannot download definition updates. Error Code 0x80240022"

Then please follow the steps below to solve that Update problem.

What happens

The problem occurs when you download the latest definition updates in Windows Defender. The updates will not download and instead you receive error code 0x80240022.The same error displays repeatedly after you have installed Windows Defender.


The problem is known to be caused by the Windows Updates service under Microsoft Security Essentials that distributes product upgrades as well as the latest virus and spyware updates. Problems with Windows Defender updates along with the virus, spyware, and product updates are generally caused by this service resulting in a 0x80240022 error message.
To fix the problem you should manually update the definitions by visiting www.microsoft.com/security/portal/Definitions/ADL.aspx which is the Microsoft site for security updates which you can download manually. Follow the instructions on the updates site for downloading the proper definitions. If you are still experiencing difficulty downloading the updates there may be a problem with your PC’s registry. Over time from normal computer use the files in your PC’s registry become fragmented and broken and this can cause errors with a variety of different applications. In this case try cleaning the registry with a registry cleaner from a reputable company which will repair any broken files and remove any unnecessary files as well as place your PC back in proper working order. If you are still experiencing difficulty installing the updates you can also contact Microsoft support.

In the event you are able to manually install the updates then it is likely the problem is not with the Microsoft Update service and deploying a registry cleaner should be able to help you resolve the problem.

TipFor more information, please see: How to fix Update error #0x80240022

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