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Running into Windows Error code 0x7e can slow up your day. Searching out this guide will help you take care of the problem once and for all.

The Problem

After an upgrade to Windows XP, you may see this Stop error message when the computer starts up. The message will be followed by a set of parameters and file names which vary, depending on what caused the Stop error. The second line of the error message will show a file name which may be the cause of the error.


The problem may be the result of a system thread generating an exception that the error handler has not detected. The exception can be caused by any one of several causes. It could be that the computer has insufficient disk space to run Windows XP, the BIOS or video adapter may be incompatible with Windows XP, there may be a damaged or corrupted device driver, or lastly, the problem (if it is associated with the Win32k.sys file), may be because of a third party remote control program.

If you receive this error, the most common cause is not having sufficient hard disk space. Use safe mode or the Recovery Console to start the computer. Delete your temporary files and Internet cache, and any other unnecessary files, such as .chk files or program backup files. Then, attempt to re-start the computer. If the error message paramterse shows the file Win32k.sys, then the problem is likely the cause of a third-party remote control program. If this is the case, use Recovery Console to start the computer, and then delete the third-party remote control files. If this does not work, the BIOS may have to be updated. If you update the BIOS and the problem continues, you may need to update the video adapter drivers on the computer. Then, if it continues, remove all other drivers that are not digitally signed by Microsoft, and remove all third-party drivers.

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