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Common problems such as Windows Error Code 50 can be resolved with without too much difficulty. In this article we will go through solving the problem and how to prevent it in the future.


The Windows error code 50 usually happens when a computer is dialing in or connecting to a remote network connection or ISP. The network request is seen as invalid by Windows and the error message is displayed on your screen.

Step-by-step instruction

Many times this error is preceded by other, more cryptic sounding errors. Though you may not always get an error message prior to Windows error code 50, you should take note of any errors that you do get, as they may assist you when more in depth troubleshooting must be performed.

Here are some easy steps to resolve Windows error code 50.

  • Remove your modem’s driver in Device Manager.
  • Remove any dial-up network connections or 3rd party dialer or RAS connections on your PC.
  • Do a search on the Microsoft Support page for this error and download the executable designed to resolve this problem.
  • Run the executable.
  • Reinstall the modem in Device Manager.
  • Create new dial-up or other network connections for third party network programs.
  • Test the solution by attempting to dial into the third party system and see if the error occurs again.

Many people use remote solutions to connect to their business networks. Often, these connections and vendor equipment, like modems, are used in conjunction. If a corruption takes place, this fix should be performed. You may want to contact the vendor for your modem and the third party dialer application to see if they have any recommendations to work with their software.

The use of these types of applications is so prevalent that Microsoft has developed a fix that you can download from their support website. Be sure that the vendor of your application does not have their own proprietary fix before using the Microsoft file.

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