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Running into Windows Error code 25 (Windows is in the process of setting up this device (Code 25)) can slow up your day. Searching out this guide will help you take care of the System problem once and for all.

What happens

When you attempt to use a device that is connected to your hardware, but the installation is not complete, you may see the message displayed for Windows error code 25.

These are the steps recommended for solving Windows code 25

To access the hardware device that you are attempting to use and get past the error of “Windows is in the process of setting up this device (code 25),” you will have to take a few simple steps. This is a common error that people run into when they are trying to access a new piece of equipment that has been recently installed. Since Windows has not completely installed the hardware, the easiest resolution is to simply wait for a few minutes. If you let the process complete, you should not see the error message again.

If you wait longer than a few minutes and the error message persists, it is recommended that you do a full shutdown/restart of your computer. Click on the Start button (or Windows icon on a Windows 7 or Vista machine). This button is found in the lower left-hand corner of your screen. Choose Shut Down for your option and allow the computer to completely turn off. Leave the computer off for a minute and hit the power button to bring it back up. Once the computer is back on, try to access the device again. If Windows has completed the installation, you should not see error code 25 again.

Rebooting or doing a shutdown/restart of your computer should be a standard step for clearing up Windows system errors. Many times, a reboot will fix a seemingly impossible problem. It won’t always help, but with error 25, it works most of the time, as long as the device drivers are not corrupt and the installation instructions have been followed correctly. Pay close attention to the manufacturer’s set-up steps and follow them exactly to avoid errors, like error 25.

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