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About the Error

When installing Microsoft Exchange 2000 server, the setup will fail and the error message will be generated. This error may be caused if Microsoft internet information Services (IIS) Admin Service is disabled on the computer on which Exchange is being installed. IIS 5.0 must be running for the install to function correctly.

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To correct the problem, you need to enable four services: IIS Admin Service, World Wide Web Publishing Service, SMTP, and NNTP. You can do this by pointing to Programs, Administrative Tools, and Services. Set startup values for each service to “Automatic.”

Each service will then be configured to use LocalSystem account instead of the installation service account. Reset the service accunt for each of the four services. Right-click each service, and click “Properties”. On the “Logon” tab, change the Log on as value from Local System Account to This Account, then click on Browse. Select the service account you used in the Exchange 5.5 install, then click OK. Enter the account’s password in the Password box, and then click OK to close Properties. Restart the computer. When you restart, Microsoft Exchange Information Store will not start on reboot, but don’t worry, this is normal. Restart Exchange Setup. If you run Microsoft SBS 2000, restart the upgrade with the SBS 2000 integrated setup in the Add/Remove Programs dialog. Set the action of Microsoft Exchange component to Upgarde. Verify that all subcomponents are also set to Upgrade.

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