So You need to Repair Windows Error Code 0x8000ffff There is a problem with the installation,windows live suite was not installed. ...
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What happens?

There’s nothing more frightening than your system telling you “catastrophic failure”. You may get this message if you attempt to run a backup when you are using the Vista Home Premium operating system.

Don't despair if There is a problem with the ...

If you get this error, first attempt to perform a backup to a different location, and determine whether you are able to do so successfully. Then, make sure that the dependency services are running for the Volume Shadow Copy. If these fixes do not work, then do a clean boot, and then attempt to back up again. Finally, if you still do not get any results, perform a check disk.

The problem may be with your backup device. Since some backup devices require a large amount of buffering, in some cases even a minor communications problem can cause the buffer to fill up and result in an error.

TipFor more information, please see: How to fix System error #0x8000ffff

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