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Troubleshooting Windows errors can seem like an impossible prospect. However finding the solution to Windows Error Code 205 is easier than you think. Check out our how-to guide for resolving this common problem.


When working with an instance of Microsoft SQL server and using the DTS Addin processing can fail and give a number of different error messages. One of those error messages that occurs is the Windows error code 205.

Repair instruction

Windows error code 205 is simply your operating system telling you that it has encountered a problem processing data in a SQL database. This might occur when you are using a front-end application that makes a call to the database using a DTS Addin command or when you are working directly with the database and manually use a DTS Addin command. This is not a simple Windows error that can be resolved from the workstation.

To resolve this issue the Microsoft SQL server will be the computer that needs to be worked on. This SQL error can lock up processes on the computer itself, on client computers, or on any workstation that is trying to access the data via a database front end program.

Here are the steps that Microsoft recommends for fixing this Windows system error:

  • Install Service Pack 2 for Microsoft SQL Server 7. This service pack has the necessary files to resolve this issue. If you are not the SQL database administrator, you should consult with this person before you run this SP update. The server admin may want to back up files, data or stored procedures in addition to pausing jobs that might be kicked off that could interfere with the SP2 update.
  • Read the online documentation provided by Microsoft prior to running the SP2 update on your Microsoft SQL Server. Make sure that your server meets all of the requirements and that you know the steps you need to take prior to and after the installation.

TipFor more information, please see: How to fix SQL error #205

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