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Windows system error code 259 is a software-specific error, especially common with applications that use Filestream to create or update SQL databases. The error does not truly generate within the OS, but there are some steps recommended by Microsoft developers.

Windows code 259 - Repair instruction

Windows error code 259, being a software-specific error, is not one of the simplest errors to resolve. Many times the blame for these errors lies more in the application developers than it does with Microsoft or their development platforms. When developers use Streamline to create SQL database entries for front-end applications, the end result can sometimes be Windows error code 259.

Microsoft developers recommend finding the root installation folder for the application that is causing the problems and changing some of the security rights on that folder as a first line defense against error code 259. Locate the installation folder and grant explicit full control access to the account that runs SQL for the application in order to resolve this error. After the change has been made to the SQL account, be it a local or network account, restart the computer and try to use the application again.

Be sure that while you are changing the rights for the SQL account that you specify explicit rights on that specific folder and sub-folders in order for this fix to take full effect. You cannot simply give the account full rights to everything; it must be done on the application folder. Besides, it is not a best practice to simply give an account full access to everything on a server simply to resolve a software error.

If this security change does not stop the error from occurring, you should follow up with the software vendor to see if they have any hot fixes or steps for you to take to resolve this problem.

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