Tips to get rid of Windows Error Code 203 The system could not find the environment option that was entered. (Code 203)
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This page shows you the easy and correct steps required to repair a Windows 203 error. Check it out and finally get rid of this problem.

The Problem

If you are trying to run a software program or play a game on your computer and there are programs running in the background that are taking up too many system resources, you will see the Windows error code 203 message.


When you get this Windows error while launching an application on your computer, here are the steps that you should take to resolve the issue:

  • Click on Start and type in msconfig and hit Enter.
  • Provide a password if prompted to do so.
  • Select the Selective Startup option from the General tab in the System Configuration Utility dialog box.
  • Clear the check box next to Load Startup Items.
  • Click on the tab labeled Services.
  • Click Disable All and then OK.
  • Click Restart when the prompt comes up on your screen.

After your computer has restarted, try to run the program or game again. The problem should now be resolved, but you cannot continually run your computer in this mode. There are important services that are not running and you are in a safe mode to determine which programs are causing the problem. You should now take the following steps:

  • Go through steps 1 and 2 from the above process.
  • Click only to clear half of the check boxes in the Services list.
  • Restart and try to run the program again. If the problem does not occur, repeat the steps again, this time choosing the other half of the cleared services.
  • You will have to repeat this pattern several times, using a process of trial and error until you find out which service is causing the problem.

This problem may take some time for you to find the root cause. It’s important to go through these steps to isolate the service that is causing the problem in order to stop only the necessary services in order to use the software that you want to use.

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