Windows Error Code 193 - Fix It Faster Than Microsoft %1 is not a valid Win32 application. (Code 193)
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A How-to guide on solving Windows Error Code 193. Read our guide on solving Windows Error Code 193 and use these tips. It will help you to troubleshoot your issue.

About the Error

You may see Windows error code 193 when you are starting a Windows Share Point server or a Windows Exchange server. The error message will also generate general Service Control Manager messages in your system logs, too.

Getting rid of the Windows code 193 notification

Windows error code 193 is an application or software error that indicates that a particular program name in the Programs directory on a Share Point or Exchange server. When system administrators attempt to start a program from one of these types of servers and sees this error message, it is almost always going to be true that there will be at least one of the following programs present on the server:

  • A program that is named “Program” is in existence in the SystemDrive folder.
  • A program that is named “Common” is in the ProgramFiles folder.
  • A program called SharePoint is in the ProgramFiles folder.
  • A program called SharePoint Portal is in the ProgramFiles folder.

These particular program instances are causing the error to happen on your Share Point or Exchange server. Microsoft strongly recommends renaming, removing, or deleting these programs from the SystemDrive or ProgramFiles folders. The error message will continue to pop up when you try to launch a program that is clashing with these program instances.

The best steps would be to simply right click on the program directories that exist and rename them to something that you will remember. After you have renamed the files, try to run the program that was clashing with these instances. You will always have the renamed files, in case you need to restore things to how they were before you made the change. If new error messages occur after you rename the files, you can change the names back to the original name to see if that resolves any errors that occur.

TipFor more information, please see: How to fix Software error #193

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