Fixing Windows Setup Error Code 80070017 Error Code 80070017 Setup file could not be installed properly.
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What happens

When you try to install Windows Vista the installation ceases around 30 percent before the error code appears.

Three things you can do when Error Code 80070017 Setup file could ...

The problem appears to be caused by one of two factors which include the speed of the installation disk or the memory and CPU temperature. Due to these factors there are two different methods you can use to try and solve error code 80070017.

If you have been running your PC on Windows XP and the PC has been running for a period of time before you attempt to install Windows Vista you may receive error code 80070017 due to memory heat or the temperature of the Central Processing Unit. When Windows Vista installs it performs a check of the current conditions of your PC with regard to operating temperature. If it senses a specific temperature it will stop installing to prevent your PC hardware from burning out. Try letting your PC sit for a while or even overnight and then try again to install Windows Vista.

Another method you can try is to run the installation disk at a slower speed. Depending upon the type of PC you have you can usually locate the program that operates the media on your PC on the Start Menu and then change the speed of the CD/DVD under the Advanced feature. Keep in mind that the instructions provided here are to give you a general place to start. The procedure for changing the speed of your CD/DVD will vary according to the specific type of PC you have

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